Social Marketing & Reputation Management

To tweet or not to tweet that is the question.

social-media-marketingHonestly its not about twitter, facebook, or youtube, its about managing your online presence through the newest form of watercooler talk.

Who is looking after your brand?

Who is listening to your customers?

Who is looking out for your reputation?

There are over 300+ social sites other than Facebook, Myspace, & Twitter.  Are you on LinkedIn?  Is your business?  What are people saying about you on Yelp? or Digg? or Stumbledupon?  How are you managing it?  Do you have time to post every week? every month?

We know, its hard out there – let us be your guide to navigating these new worlds of social & reputation management.  We have the team, the time, and the map to get it done.

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