Grassroots and Guerrilla Markteing

Now this is fun.  Today you have to think outside of the box – grab your targets! 

grassroots_marketing_1guerrilla-marketing-5Success is measured in many ways, but nothing is stronger then word of mouth.  What if you can create that buzz first hand?  We are.

Feet on the street is the key.  We have an army of marketing terrorists that get spread the word for your business.  We have street teams for onsite marketing, brand advocates to promote your products, the ablity to poster up any major US city within 48 hours, and we have been known to put on a couple of hot events.  In the club, at the park, or something a bit more private.  We are your brand, we get it done, and people talk about us.

Are you ready to try something out of the box today?

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